Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tidings of Great Joy?

I have long lamented that my phenotype is one of straight brown hair with nary a freckle in view, rather than curly red hair with an abundance of freckles. (Just one of the reasons I love Weasleys, can you tell?) However, I do not envy the redheads everything, for both they and I have the pale skin plague. Is there yet hope for us persons of pallor?* I wonder whether or not we have the same allele, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Much good all that would do in the Minnesota winter, of course!

* I don't know the original source of "persons of pallor," but as far as I know, it's borrowed from James Taranto. I give the expression points for being both delightfully cheeky and for allowing me succinctly to express the perennial disappointment of being sorely lacking in the melanin department.

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