Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

From sea to shining sea...and to those overseas as well!

Quizzie Time: Decades Gone By

Loosely (very loosely) inspired by this post and exchange:

The Thirties. Take this quiz!

That's reasonably close. I would've said '30s/'40s. Or as the Little Brother once said, "You were born old." Thanks, bro. It's true, though.

And on an even more random note...

I am a knife!

What Kitchen Utensil are You?

Hmm. I'd have said "bowl" because I use them much more often than plates. I guess I do have a tendency to expound whilst cooking, a natural outgrowth of which includes emphatic gesticulation while holding cutlery. Knives are pretty darned useful, too, though.