Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Little Students Know

Unfortunately, this report is incredibly unsurprising.


The Tiger said...

I was seven for eight on that quiz. (Yeah, Jefferson's letters, not the Constitution...)

Viatrix said...

I am inordinately pleased to have bested you at something! did yesterday go.....?

The Tiger said...

You went eight-for-eight? Huh.

As for Tuesday... the lady cancelled on me the night before, via text message. Then didn't reply to my reply about other times. So I suspect that nothing's doing. Alas.

I'm rather tired of this chasing girls thing. I got good at getting numbers this year, but not good at getting dates with said numbers. Even now, when girls are finally looking at yours truly and smiling, this is darned hard.

The heck with them. I've got books to read and beers to drink.