Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just that side of ordinary

This is for all those who are not the biggest fan of green apples--you know, those sweet-tart ones?--but yet inherited one from their roomate and didn't want it to go to waste. Plus, it's a Wednesday night, which needs a little spicing up.

Green apple roll-ups
Small tortillas
Smoked gouda with black peppercorns
Green apple, thinly sliced

Lay the gouda slices on tortilla and microwave ~30 seconds or so.
Add apple slices.
(Well, you try writing an highbrow methods section for this one.)

I know it sounds weird, but it worked surprisingly well. The apples and cheese complemented each other and the tortilla did alot to tone them down. In fact, I thought they were rather tasty. Trust me. If I had more apple, I'd make another one.

"Yes, yes," you say impatiently, "Why another fridge post when there is so much else of real concern in the world?" Because, friends, sometimes I am frustrated with those concerns here (whatever it is, just stop it) and abroad (yes, Ahmenawhatsit and his cronies are nasty pieces of work and no, they ain't gonna like you whatever you do 'cuz they don't want to be your friends). Sometimes, I want to cross my arms and frown at the rest of the world and say "Why don't you get back to me when you're done screwing around?" Sometimes, I want to do some laundry and miss El Novio and mix together the mismatched contents of my fridge in creative ways in the relative quiet of my own wee bachelorette pad.

Then, having overindulged in bread and queso, I want to go to the gym--for which activity I think I still have a little bit of time. After all, if a girl gets to dress up on Friday, she should make a little bit of effort, no?

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