Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome, Sibling!

***News Flash***

Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please!

It gives me great pleasure to present the newest member of the Blogosphere, the Armchair Nomad's one and only Little Brother*! You may find him, styling himself "a cosmopolitan stag" at A Stag's Mental Leap, wherein he shall take up keyboard and pixel whenever the inspiration (or vexation, as the case may be) strikes.

So, dear readers, please join me in raising your pints of blueberry beer in a warm Bienvenido! and an Evax! for not only having graduated as a proud member of the CMC Class of 2006 but also for having a Real Job! (Dude, I think you have me beat...)

* Note: he prefers Younger Brother, but I am loathe to part with Little. He may also be pleased to hear that I have recently subscribed to the Claremont Review of Books and eagerly await my first issue.


a cosmopolitan stag said...

yes you may point out my spelling errors.. but that does not mean i'll start spell checking it.

The Tiger said...

Why is it that so many people in the blogosphere spell "hypocrisy" wrong?


I see that the blog disease is infectious...

Viatrix said...

If only I knew. I suppose it's akin to other grammatical mutilations--by bearers of undergraduate and graduate degrees!--I hear out here in the real world. Not that I'm perfect, mind you.

Is there some way we can have some sort of "Pro-grammar Bloggers" electronic sticker? Or Facebook group? Or somthing? :P