Monday, November 13, 2006


Yes, it's true!

Some folks at Claremont McKenna have taken political junkyism to a Whole New Level with the creation of...Fantasy Congress! (Does Pomona wish they'd thought of it first?) The Nomad Little Bro, a proud CMC alum and government (and finance) junkie, mentioned this brilliant new development recently, and a scroll through the Corner just now reminded me of it. Very awesome.

I have a hunch at least a few friends out there could get very excited about Fantasy Congress ;) Maybe more than a few, even.

Now if only they'd add a "Bury that bill!" t-shirt, or perhaps "Step away from the purse strings!"...

Hey, Little Bro, have Pitney, Kesler, & Co. formed teams too? Oh, and Bernard Lewis is speaking at the Ath next Tuesday! Pity you're not still there. And yes, I *heart* my Claremont Review of Books, even though it didn't come until, like, October.

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