Sunday, January 29, 2006

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Green Fish

Tidings of great joy: I have successfully made lovely mosaic fish! [Meaning: if you view them under the appropriate wavelength, there are glowing red patches. This is a good--nay, fabulous--thing :)]

Next step, world domination. Gotta start somewhere!

Kidding! I have absolutely no desire to rule the world. It would be much more interesting to be the power behind the throne, don't you think?

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The Tiger said...

The trouble with wanting to be the power behind the throne is, well, sometimes that wonderful candidate never comes around. So then one is forced to act for oneself, for fear that other incompetents should otherwise rule. (Exempli gratia: the new PM of Canada. No, he's not incompetent. But all he ever really wanted to do was to finish his PhD and become an academic and public intellectual...)