Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ha! (ish)

Well, it may be entirely possible to think one has a quasi-decent understanding of assorted international agreements--TRIPs! Paris Convention! Berne Convention! Patent Cooperation Treaty!--or to think one does, and yet to know that it is equally possible to have answered every single exam question incorrectly.* However, I did correctly answer that Canada is the 2nd largest country in terms of area, unlike a gaggle of TV anchors. Ha! Small victories.

*Actually, I think I got one right. The other 19, not so sure. Fortunately, most everyone else was probably in the same boat.


The Tiger said...

Is there a quiz that you're linking to here, Ms. Cot?

La Cot said...

Sort of: after coming home from the exam (PLEASE let me have passed) I plunked down in front of the TV and clicked across a midday news show. I think it was Fox, but I'm not positive. Anyhoo, there was a little interview with Jeff Foxworthy about that new "Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" game show and he gave the talking head ladies that question. They all thought it was China. Ergo, hahaha!