Monday, July 24, 2006

Saucy Adventures

Since it was suggested a while back that I "update [my] own darned blog," here 'tis...sort of...

It may happen that after a lass returns from a fabulous and relaxing lake weekend with El Novio, she finds herself very happy--albeit slightly water-bruised and sun-crisped, but all the better for the wear--but with fruit in the fridge that hasn't much longer to live. Whereupon, she, having no prior experience in creative berry usage but encouraged by previous positive responses to her culinary adventures by that sweetest and most supportive of Novios, decides to make--all by herself!--a raspberry sauce for an as yet undetermined future use. Or rather, a raspberry-plus sauce.


Clean-Out-Your-Fridge Berry Sauce Protocol*
Raspberries--handful (or more)
Blueberries--handful (or more)
Yellow cherries--handful, diced
1 dried apricot, sliced
1 blackberry (or more)
Some sort of sugar
Crystalized ginger, diced

To small saucepan add more than enough water to cover the bottom. Note that the yield of actual sauce liquid will be less than this amount, so adjust accordingly.

Boil. Add berries, diced cherries, and sliced apricot to boiling water; bring to medium/medium boil and stir. In order to avoid burning anything, I further reduced the heat closer to simmer as it continued and the berries broke apart, but I have no idea if that's actually necessary.

When liquid is nice and dark, stir in Sugar in the Raw (or your preferred type of sugar) and diced crystalized ginger, both to taste; simmer a bit more.

Strain out berry remains. Return sauce liquid to pot. Again on low-ish heat, add cornstarch to thicken (if desired). Add back in some of berry remains, if desired. Final sweetening/ ginger to taste. I went easy on both, but you might like yours sweet and/or with more than a hint of ginger.

Judged yummy in initial taste test (n = me).
Feeds: No idea; probably varies.

Happy Boyfriend Rating (HBR): data not yet available.

*Disclosures: This follows the general outline of sauce recipes available via Google search, but the additional ingredients add, IMNSHO, a dash of creativity and balance out the raspberries.

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Rudolph A. Carrera said...

This has given me a bunch of really, really good ideas... Many thanks for this post!