Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Into the Fireswamp

Your humble Nomad here admits that she has a small problem, one she's known about for years (as have you): she has a tendency to bite off more than she can chew. Occasionally quite a lot more.

She realized this evening, as she sat down to begin--all right, all right, first she watched NCIS and The Unit--the putative proposal/tentative outline for her Lincoln seminar paper, that this would probably qualify as one of those "quite a lot more" occasions. I'm not going to release the topic just yet, but the current working title is Exit Strategy (not quite as good as Out-Lincolned?, I admit), and is actually intended as a full-length treatment of a short paper topic I wrote on previously. (In fact, said short paper turned out heinously badly; but it's such an intriguing and relevant topic I just can't shake it and have determined instead to wade back into the morass.)

The difficulty? Ah, yes. I've realized, whilst starting on a rough layout of matters that must be addressed, that 1) my answer remains "I don't know", which won't fill 25 - 50 pages; and 2) there's very likely a wealth of detail I ought to treat. At the very least, everyone else's papers promise to make for awesome work, especially given that several folks are writing on opposing angles of similar issues. Should our prof manage to get them published as a special issue or some such thing, a compilation should make for great reading.

Where is the Dread Pirate Roberts when a girl needs him?

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