Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Corporate Game

It's that time of year again: time to help out folks with their thesis projects. In that spirit, I give you the Corporate Game, a short game/quiz forming part of the thesis of a friend of Little Brother. I'm told the underlying purpose of the thesis is to examine how closely (or not) people align with Machiavellian principles in regards to business. (Correct me if I've stated it wrong, Lil' Bro.)

I scored as:
"More Gandhi than Gordon Gecko, you place business ethics and stakeholder interest over an absolute lust for revenue. This is not to say that you will not try to maximize your firm’s profits or your personal success, but you won’t step on any hands to get to the top. As a result of your amiability you are well-liked by subordinates and business partners. Just be careful to not get taken advantage of by all the sharks in the corporate ocean."

Yet again entirely too Nice? Probably!


chungag said...

An interesting one:
"While you likely believe that profits and growth are what matters most to a firm, you aren’t ready to sacrifice your morals and ethics for that cause. You believe that rules are often meant to be bent, but will not go so far as to break them (unless the incentives are too tempting to resist). It is possible that in the future you will either become more ruthless or come to adopt stronger ethical guidelines."

Viatrix said...

That is an interesting one. Rule bending can have its place :)