Sunday, November 27, 2005

Book Bleg

Whilst I sit here reading about nonsense mediated decay (NMD), my thoughts stray to the literary prospects afforded by Christmas break--which will be ushered in by exams all to quickly. Therefore, friends, I am seeking recommendations as to a few books to read during that time, either fiction or nonfiction; I guess the reading will be apportioned along with the eating, walking on the beach, family/puppy time, and--I hope--visiting friends. Anyhoo, I'm hoping to start with The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (oh, and I see there are multiple Popper works listed...should probably read those too...), but I'd love to hear to hear opinions on other works!

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The Tiger said...

I just read (and loved) Two Lives, by Vikram Seth.

Also can speak highly of most novels by Haruki Murakami, though suggest not starting with "Hard-Boiled Wonderland at the End of the World". That one got a little weird. Norweigian Wood was better, IMHO.