Thursday, September 22, 2005

Political Philosophy--An Approximation with Axes

You are a
Social Moderate
(41% permissive)
and an...
Economic Conservative
(73% permissive)
You are best described as a:

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Weelllll...I don't know if that's entirely accurate, but you can't make questions out of broadly-worded statements better suited to essays or short answers (or long papers), not include an "it depends" option, and expect finely-tuned results :)

Personally, I'd probably be inclined towards "Sowellian."

(Thanks to The Tiger in Exile)

On a completely unrelated note, I really think that the Ravel orchestration of Mussorskgy's Pictures at an Exhibition may in fact surpass the original piece. Not that it's not a good piano piece to begin with, but the orchestration is simply brilliant.

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The Tiger said...

I'm more economically conservative than you are, nya-nya-nya-nya-nyah!