Sunday, July 24, 2005


Sitting in the Starbucks on Connecticut Ave., trying to make myself work on something due tomorrow. Yes, I realize, it's Sunday evening. Aside from being generally lazy today, I do have legitimate excuses: The majority of my workday Friday was spent not reading documents but making phone calls to figure out how to get a car loan and then attempting to relay that info to the Folks. (Who had finally talked me into agreeing to buying a car--that right there may be a first in recorded history, or at least a rare event.)

So, here I go...and don't get me started on how ridiculous the FDA (or any agency) can be...Suffice it to say that a few weeks on the Hill attempting to extract any kernel of information, no matter how small, from a regulatory agency ought to be more than sufficient to convince even the most reluctant soul that giving more power and scope to the federal government is not the best of ideas. In fact, I have even developed a sympathetic ear for consumer groups and the like who are also dealing with drug safety issues. I know, who woulda thunk? Given that I will be retaking StatInterp at some point, I eagerly anticipate making a heated exposition whenever someone raises the agency expertise argument as a justification for deference to regulatory agencies. Expertise? Good luck, odds are pretty good they don't even know what's on their own damn website!! Should we reach the point at which it becomes necessary to issue subpoenas, I want to walk down the street and hand deliver them, baby. With pictures.

Anyway, the real reason for this otherwise unprofound and pointless post is that Ben, ever helpful, has spurred me to accountability on the exercise front. I joined a gym this summer, but have had a less-than-perfect track record of attendance and success. Given that the goal is to lose 6 lbs by August 5th, for my own reasons, and 4 more by August 24th, it would appear a little accountability is in order. Ergo, the creation of a public record...Today: Rowed 1500m (8:30something); hip flexors and abductors, 30 & 40 lbs each; hamstrings 6 reps each; leg raises 12 reps each; biceps 8lbs; chest press 8lbs; triceps 5lbs; abs, can't remember; ball squats with weights until legs jellied; walk to gym and back, 2 mi. Anticipated workouts for this week...Monday, Tuesday, possibly Thursday if I can get into Dillon, Friday.

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Thomas said...

I had a similar problem with bureaucracy recently. Talking to the phone company just isn't what it used to be.