Wednesday, May 11, 2005

By Any Other Name...

It ocurred to me the other night, when I couldn't sleep due to the caffeinated sugar high, that I will need to retitle this puppy (and the Xanga) for next year, since I will not be a 3L. Unfortunately, caffeinated sugar highs are not conducive to witty titles. Suggestions?

(Cross-posted at Xanga, because I think that one actually gets read.)


The Tiger said...

Cross-posted comment:

"Of Cells and Grad Student Hell"?

On the other hand, I am guessing that you are thrilled at the prospect of being a grad student instead of just being a professional school student.

Other ones I can think of involve a boomerang. Not sure if that'd be your thing.

The Tiger said...

Something to do with "Viatrix", whatever that may symbolise, perhaps?

Viatrix said...

salutations, my faithful reader :)
i'm afraid the boomerang reference has flown completely over my head...although I am thrilled at the grad student prospect (oh my bob, do you realize we're going to be sketchy grad students now?), the lab rat life does have its downsides from time to time :)

Viatrix is from the Latin "viator," which a name website once informed me was along the lines of "traveler, voyager, wanderer." I hope that's true, since I never took Latin.

The Tiger said...

The boomerang reference -- because you went out and are now returning (to your undergrad love).

Oh yes, of course, via = road, way. (I did take Latin, but my vocab is very weak nowadays, and my grammar unspeakable.) You must use a travelling reference in the new title, then -- whether metaphorical or actual.

Re being a sketchy grad student -- wow, we are, aren't we? How utterly frightening!

Viatrix said...

Oh, I see :)

Given the sorry number of stamps on my passport, it would have to be The Armchair Nomad, or something like that...!

Glad to see you boys were able to have a chat & that everyone is doing well.

The Tiger said...

"The Armchair Nomad" seems familiar somehow. But a quick Googling finds nothing, other than someone's alias on a mid-90s discussion group.